11 Bow Ties Every Man(or Woman) Should Have – Gentleman’s Gazette – Fort Belvedere



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38 thoughts on “11 Bow Ties Every Man(or Woman) Should Have – Gentleman’s Gazette – Fort Belvedere

    • dklyde says:

      Aziz Sani I work for a large public school system and the way male teachers dress nowadays is shocking. Most look like they’re going to play basketball with the boys not working in what should be a professional setting.

    • RockaBilly says:

      Look no further than the style of my history teacher: Khaki chinos, grey suede derbies, white oxford shirt and grey sport coat. (my former chemistry teacher dressed in a grey sport coat. Blue shirt and jeans). Those are the only well dressed teachers I’ve known…

  1. tbobreak says:

    man, i really want to thank you for de last video, where you talk about how to dress about your age, you open my eyes !!, i think it would be a good idea make one about haircuts/hair styles about your ages, so think about it, thanks again !

  2. dklyde says:

    Thank you. I’ve worn bow ties for years. Last week some YouTube little girl and her boyfriend did their list of 10 things a man should never wear and bow ties was on the list. I didn’t tell them what they could do with their BS list but I wanted to.

  3. darting says:

    This is the problem with GG. I mean, a lot of your content Sven is really good, but sometimes your style tips will more likely lead men to wearing a funny costume than a stylish outfit. You always try to walk around that by saying that “this was what they wore back in X time”, that a style choice is “historically correct”. But here is the thing; they wore it then because it was in style then.

    So be wary, young men seeking guidance. Don’t listen too closely to Sven. He is a great source of information and trivia; a great fashion enthusiast and amateur fashion historian. But he is no style expert.

    • mxt mxt says:

      Nick Curry

      Goverment and law are about blending in. Bow ties stand out. Those guys won’t wear bow ties at work. That doesn’t mean they don’t wear bow ties.

    • Rojos524 says:

      I guess some bow ties are alright for formal occasions but when it starts getting toward polka dots and flower petals and stuff I don’t want to look like a cartoon or a James Cagney flick

    • mxt mxt says:


      There are solid bow ties. I have a blue bow tie and I love it. Also the polka dots don’t have to be big. Have you seen the video? It’s not making you look like a cartoon. It’s around 2:00 and if you actually watch you are going to see that the guy shows how a bow tie with a pattern looks with a suit.

      Something you might like: 3:45 4:35 6:18 7:44 7:57 6:09 9:20 9:22 6:00

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